GalaxyFest 5 – Feb 19-21, 2016

GalaxyFest Featured Guests

Garrett Wang
Eric Nyenhuis
NCC 1832
Jon Eddy with Walter Koenig
John Savage
Gary Lockwood
Blanca Blanco
Garrett Wang

Meet the Author/Artist/Celebrity: Take a picture with them, pose, autographs
A vendor room with purveyors of most weird and wonderful (comics, toys, clothing)

We are a fun, Family Friendly, ALL Ages event UNTIL 6 PM. Then we suggest you put the kiddies to bed and enjoy the 18+ AfterDark going ons. From Kilt Blowing to risque round tables we focus on more mature themed and cerebral (well maybe not) topics.




 It’s almost here…

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One aspect of our unique orientation is our split personality. There is so much to do regardless of your age. Children/Kid programming, activities, events, and open crafts. Teen and All-Age programming.

We take a little bit from all the Genres (SciFi, Fantasy, Anime, SteamPunk, Horror, and more) and interweave artists, authors, actors, behind-the-scenes, vendors, and YOU! Give it a great big shake to mix-it all up into a solid 3 day fun-filled weekend!

Friday we start bright (or less dim) and early and ramble on until the wee parts of Sunday evening (Monday morning)?

 For information on vending, artist & author tables, volunteering, or tickets, Please use the contact us form.


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